Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that our clients are best served with solid, proven investment strategies. This means our recommendations to clients are based on time tested strategies that we've used for ourselves and our families.

We do not profess to have the capability to move client investments based on timing. We don't do this in our own portfolios and wouldn't do this in your portfolio. We feel that market timing is a dangerous pursuit and is almost always certain to fail the long term investor.

We feel that there is great value in working with companies who have demonstrated a track record of putting your interests first. This is one of the considerations that will weigh in on our product recommendations to you.

We measure results. This may take the form of market surveys for GICs or comparing long term performance against industry benchmarks but we think that relationship is only part of it competiveness is an important element.

We think you should invest in things you understand. As a result, if after taking some time to understand how an investment would work in your portfolio, if you feel you don't have a reasonable understanding, we'll recommend something else for your consideration.