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What you risk reveals what you value.

Investing in the right life insurance policy begins with a clear understanding of the risk you are insuring and the appropriate amount of coverage for your individual situation.

People buy life insurance for a wide range of reasons. Many people cite income replacement, while others seek to reduce their tax burden or simply to fund their final expenses. Your first step must be to seek competent professional advice.

We are deluged with offers to buy life insurance on a daily basis. Sorting through the different companies with their various products and options is a complex task replete with many perils and pitfalls for the average consumer. Getting the right advice from a professional is essential in making the best choice for your life insurance coverage.

As an independently owned and operated brokerage we market a complete range of products from a broad spectrum of insurance companies.  We provide our clients expert independent advice on ways to reduce the financial impact of a premature death and follow up with the policy service you'll need after you've put the right protection in place.

At Gillespie, Adams & Associates Incorporated, client service doesn't mean referring you to the insurance company's 1-800 phone number. We take pride in being your first point of contact, from routine matters such as updating your banking information or address changes with the insurance company, all the way to the claims process where we provide hands on assistance to the executor.

We utilize a discovery process with each client. We learn about your current coverages available through government programs and your employer. Only after listening and assessing all of the information do we present a customized recommendation to meet your unique needs.

Here are some of the more common insurance products that we offer:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Insurance


Call us for a complimentary consultation. We welcome the opportunity to show you the kind of personalized work we do for all our clients.

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