Disability Insurance

What you risk reveals what you value.

Insuring successfully for sickness or injury starts first with understanding what's potentially at risk with your hard earned income. Next, it's about following the right advice.

With an ever-increasing number of insurance options, understanding the differences of various insurance products has become quite complex. Today, getting the right insurance advice is essential to making good choices about your insurance coverage.

That's another one of the reasons why we're an independently owned and operated brokerage. We offer access to a complete range of insurance products from a broad spectrum of insurance companies with a demonstrated claims paying track record. We work with our clients to provide independent advice on ways to reduce the financial risks of sickness or injury and provide the policy service you need after you've put the right protection in place.

With us, client service isn't the insurance company's 1-800 line written on the back of your policy. We handle all your client service requests from updating your mailing address to the insurer when you move to helping you complete the paperwork in the unfortunate event of a claim, we offer in-house assistance from small changes all the way through the claims approval process.

We listen. Working through a client discovery process with each client, we learn about your current coverage available through government programs and your employer in order to tailor our recommendations to your particular needs.

Here are some of the more common insurance products that we offer:

  • Non-cancelable disability coverage
  • Cancelable disability coverage
  • Critical illness coverage
  • Overhead expense coverage

Call us for a consultation. If you're not a client yet, we welcome the opportunity to show you the kind of personalized work we do for our clients.

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